A New Year, New Website and more…
Driving your bodyshop marketing and business development forward

A New Year, New Website and more…

Total Bodyshop Solutions

It’s a very warm welcome from everyone here at Total Bodyshop Solutions UK, and thank you for visiting our new website… we hope you enjoy the site.

There are several key elements housed within the new site which took a centre stage role when putting this together. Like all website, it’s organic and we will continue to build upon this. As our aim is to not only allow you a flash insight into “who we are, what we do and what makes us completely different to the conventional marketing company”. But to be a place of interaction, a place of knowledge, comprising of tools, tips and techniques covering all aspects of marketing and business development supporting your bodyshop and business. It’s true to say that everyone’s wish list and requirements are different, and with our experience, success and knowledge we’ll provide that bespoke package for you.


With several project already underway with our bodyshop clients, we will soon be launching state of the art video production services and mini marketing seminars. Which will allow bodyshop the opportunity to see and feel what bodyshop marketing is all about, combined with the added benefits it brings to a business.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Simon Downing-Commercial Operations Manager

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