Bodyshop Performance & Efficiency

With the ever changing industry landscape, customer service and expectations almost taking a centre stage. Its true to say that all insurers, fleets and accident management companies are seriously focusing on repairers exceeding and achieving their SLA’s like never before. Where by networks are competing to be best in class and extending their partnerships with those repairers that are making changes within those businesses that are adopting new ideas and thinking.

Never before has Bodyshop Performance Management, Data and Stats been broken down into such key performing area’s where by repairers are being steered to focus on everything from diminishing their key2key and repair cycle times. Stright through to improving KPI’s, CSI’s Google Reviews, League Tables Performance, Average On-site-Start, Average Repair Costs and Completion-Delivery to name a few.   

Achieving this for your work provider client can be challenging, stressful and time consuming. Yet by executing this correctly, the positivity and business benefits are endless.

Here at TBS UK we not only have the right skills set, industry knowledge, experience and expertise in bodyshop management to achieve this with you, but are also a very process driven business with a background of success for our clients. Starting with a gap analysis and without treading on toes, we take a holistic view of the business, scope out and present not only our findings, but also action plans which by implementing these processes and procedures will enable your bodyshop to achieve and meet all SLA requirements.